2021-2022 Teaching Team

Dr. Priscilla Song
Course Coordinator & Teacher
email: songp@hku.hk
website: https://techcare.hku.hk/priscilla-song/

Dr. Song is an Associate Professor in the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine and the Department of History at HKU. She is a medical anthropologist whose research focuses on the social and ethical aspects of transnational biomedical technologies in urban China. She received her Ph.D. and MA in anthropology from Harvard University and her BA in anthropology and philosophy from Yale University. She has two young daughters and recently adopted a rescue puppy from Hong Kong Paws.

Dr. Anna Iskra
Course Teacher & Tutor
email: iskra@hku.hk
website: https://www.hkihss.hku.hk/en/people/anna-iskra-2/

Dr. Anna Iskra received her Ph.D. in anthropology at the Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong. She is interested in the intersections between religion/spirituality, emotions, gender, and sexuality. Her doctoral thesis research was based in mainland China and examined how, in the emerging New Age/Body-Mind-Spirit networks, or shen xin ling 身心靈, emotions become carriers for various state-endorsed discourses on such topics as gender, money, and entrepreneurialism, or health. In her spare time, she loves running through the hilly forests of Lamma Island that she now calls home.

Ms. Tianyi Yan
Course Tutor
email: yantyhsd@connect.hku.hk
website: https://techcare.hku.hk/tianyi-yan/

Ms. Tianyi Yan is a current RPG student in the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine at HKU. She received her MA in anthropology from the Chinese University of Hong Kong and her BA in Dutch from Beijing Foreign Studies University. Her research focuses on the moral experience of Chinese volunteers providing pediatric hospice care service in mainland China.

2020-2021 Inaugural Teaching Team